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A range of powerful specialist compressor cleaning chemicals exhibiting outstanding performance, they’re designed for all types of fouling and meet current OEM and environmental standards world-wide. All of the Rochem FYREWASH® chemical range is suitable for both on-line and off-line washing.

FYREWASH® F4 was developed to give the maximum possible cleaning efficiency and effectiveness from a non-solvent chemical. Rochems R&D department have developed this product using state of the art technology, resulting in a non-hazardous, user-friendly and biodegradable water-based cleaner.

25 litre
210 Litre

FYREWASH® F3 is an ultra pure, biodegradable water-based detergent which ha been developed by Rochem’s chemists to provide maximum possible cleaning efficiency from a non-solvent formulation. FYREWASH® F3 is the new water-based cleaner for on-line and off-line compressor cleaning against which the cost and performance of all other water-based cleaners will now be challenged.

25 litre

FYREWASH® F1 is a high purity, low metals version of our FYREWASH® SB formulation, the world’s leading petroleum-based solvent for on-line and off-line compressor cleaning. FYREWASH® F1 still has all the power of FYREWASH® SB to deal with the toughest fouling conditions but now new manufacturing techniques also make it the purest product of its kind.

25 litre
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