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Authorised distributor of Mobil lubricants: NSW, VIC & TAS.
Engine oil

Good, Better, Best

Mobil oil: Good

Mobil Super 1000 - A premium conventional engine oil that provides long engine life with enhanced protection capabilities (i.e. sludge and wear protection).
Mobil Super 2000 - A premium blend that provides long engine life with additional protection above that of Mobil Super 1000.

Mobil oil: Better

Mobil Super 3000 - A fully synthetic engine oil that provides long engine life for all types and ages of vehicles with additional protection above Mobil Super 2000.

Mobil oil: Best

Mobil 1 - Advanced fully synthetic engine oil formulated with proprietary Multi-Layer Anti-Wear Technology. Designed to provide outstanding wear protection, deliver outstanding performance and protection in conjunction with potential fuel economy benefits, maintain excellent engine cleanliness and performance reserve to keep engines in newer cars running smooth and clean.

Find the right engine oil or car oil

If you're not sure which Mobil oil is right for your vehicle or machine, you need Netlube mobile application. Mobil Netlube allows you to select the specific application- automotive, motorcycle, marine, machinery, earth moving & construction equipment, tractors & industrial vehicle; and model to determine which Mobil lubricant is right for you.

Download Mobil Netlube mobile application below and start searching for the right Mobil oil.

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5w30 oil

Full range of engine oils

Mobil’s range of products include Mobil 1 - the world's leading synthetic motor oil brand; and Mobil Super - premium engine oil for everyday driving.

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Material safety data sheet

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Product data sheet

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Partner with Performance

When a customer partners with Southern Cross Lubes, they are not just receiving a quality product, they partner with PERFORMANCE; including the performance of the Mobil brand, personalised local service, nationwide logistics, technical expertise and support. As a partner, you have a local account manager as well as access to the local customer service team based in Melbourne. Technical enquiries, support and training are just a phone call away. Our partners can also enjoy the convenience and flexibility of 24/7 online access to their accounts. . Think: Large global brand, delivered to you by a local team with the culture and values of a family-owned business.

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Car Oil Retailers

Mobil’s premium range of car oils and lubricants are available from Repco, Autobarn and Burson Auto Parts. You can also find a selected range of Mobil products at your local 7-Eleven service station.

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What our customers say about us

Southern Cross Lubes has an overall satisfaction rating of 5 out of 5 based on 17 paying customer ratings.

How to change oil

This simple guide-starring Bernard Juchli from Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage-will show you how to properly change the oil and filter of one of your most expensive and valuable possessions, your car.

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Mobil Delvac Trial

To enhance performance, minimize downtime and extend oil drain intervals, Taspetroleum started using Mobil Delvac 1. See the significant improvements across the board.

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