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Mobil Oil Australia – NSW Distributor

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Southern Cross Lubes is excited to announce our appointment as the authorised lubricant distributor for Mobil Oils in NSW. As of October 2015, we expanded our areas of operation, in Victoria and Tasmania, to encompass New South Wales.

The shift to a full distributor based model, in 2007, saw all direct Mobil customers referred to the authorised distributors within their respective states. This move gave Mobil customers across Australia local, personalised service and created a more responsive distribution funnel. By working with an authorised distributor, you get the benefit of Mobil’s research and development efforts, access to the full product range, and service from a familiar team that ‘get’ your business. The localised distribution model also means we remain an independent, family-owned business.

Over the last decade, this distribution model has seen us through a significant period of growth. As we expand north across the border, we see this as an exciting opportunity to create partnerships with new and existing customers of the Mobil Oil brand in NSW and to strengthen relationships with current Vic or Tas based customers who may have business in New South Wales.

As the authorised Mobil distributor in NSW, we will be equipped to service oil and lubricant supply requirements of clients operating in New South Wales, without putting a strain on resources within the current operational territory. With bulk and packaged product held in Sydney and a sales team based in New South Wales, the local focus will be maintained alongside the technical expertise and logistical capabilities of the wider group

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