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ExxonMobil- Celebrating 150 years of lubricant innovations

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150 years ago, ExxonMobil as we know it started out as a small vacuum oil and lubricant company in Rochester, New York. Founded by Hiram Bond Everest, quality was always an integral element for the product and services provided.

“Quality will win, believe it” were the famous words spoken by Everest to his team way back in 1879 and this rings true today for ExxonMobil and their premium range of engine oil and lubricant products.

Despite growing competition from cheaper, inferior products, Everest refused to compromise on quality and built the business on new petroleum based lubricant’s and his patented vacuum distillation process.

Soon after, 600 w cylinder oil and other vacuum oil lubricants were being used to make goods, and move them around the world, helping to push the industrial revolution forward.

The company’s dedication to lubrication services began in the 1890’s when Vacuum started offering onsite application expertise as well as instructional booklets that preached the 3 R’s of correct lubrication: “The right oil, in the right place, at the right time”.

Hiram Everest’s company became part of what is now ExxonMobil and his adherence to the highest standards of quality lives on in what ExxonMobil do everyday- Employees and distributors, equipment builders and customers working together to keep the world moving.

The ExxonMobil lubricant products have not only kept pace with machine innovation, they’ve enabled it. In 1877, inventor George Selden nearly gave up on the first gas powered automobile, before ExxonMobil provided an engine oil that would not burn up or break down.

In 1901 ExxonMobil developed their ground breaking DTE engine oil to handle the special demands of a new engine from Rudolph Diesel. With help from marine lubricant products, the SS Mauretania set the trans- Atlantic speed record in 1910.

The 1940’s saw the creation of Mobil oil 95 so a 500 tonne telescope on Mount Palomar, California could rotate friction free and give us the stars and that’s where ExxonMobil headed, by keeping key components moving on space shuttle missions. These milestones were reached, and many others not by going along for the ride but by making breakthrough discoveries that redefined the power of lubrication.

After discovering poly alpha olefins in 1949, ExxonMobil led the way in developing synthetic lubricants that make high performance engines and machinery, reliable.

Hiram Everest’s belief that quality wins has, without question, stood the test of time. After 150 years it remains a defining characteristic of ExxonMobil engine oil and lubricant products, their people and their success in the future.