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Mobil oil Australia –oil distributors: Southern Cross Lubes

Over the past 124 years, Mobil has been at the forefront of lubricant technology in Australia.

Our history dates back to the first oil used in steam engines and has advanced rapidly to current day expertise such as polyalphaolefins. Developments such as these have facilitated the next leap into synthetic technologies and have been paramount for lubricants to meet the demands of high performance engines and machinery.

Today, supply chain viability and innovation is crucial for all companies to exist and prosper. To ensure its reliability of supply, Mobil continues its long standing multi-billion dollar manufacturing operations globally with Singapore, one of the most strategically located ports for supply to Asia Pacific. 

Since 1985 Perkal, trading as Statewide Oil Distributors has been a trusted channel partner of ExxonMobil, delivering high quality Mobil lubricants to Australians.

This long-standing relationship has ensured that Australian businesses have access to lubricants manufactured by a global leader of innovation and engage local expertise and enjoy excellent customer experiences. In 2018 Perkal made its most significant commercial acquisition to date, Perkal invested in another long standing Mobil partner, Southern Cross Lubes. This now makes Perkal the largest Mobil lubricants distribution partner for ExxonMobil in the Asia Pacific region, showing the commitment of both Mobil and Perkal to Australian Industry.


Southern Cross Lubes is an Australian family owned and operated business that has been managed by Mr Bob Pearson and his son Todd since the company's foundation days. Our company exists because of the continued support by our valued customers and the relationships we have built with them. Our business will continue to strategically invest into Australia as we continue to examine technically advanced lubricant solutions which we can offer our clients from Mobil and Perkal’s global and local partnerships.

We understand the need to have your investments meet high levels of return on investment as well as meeting the community’s  expectations in the area you operate. With highly skilled business managers and engineers across Australia and access to the world’s most advanced analytical laboratories for lubricants, Perkal is ready to partner with you to solve these complex problems. Perkal, leaders in lubrication.


Partner with Performance

When you partner with Southern Cross Lubes you are partnering with quality lubricants for mechanical performance, supplied by a partner you know and value. Read more.


Meet the team

After starting off with just 4 staff back in 2007, SCL continues to grow the team as the business continues to grow and prosper. Read more.



Since partnering with Mobil more than 2 decades ago, Walkinshaw Racing ave won all of their 8 championships and 8 out of their 9 Bathurst wins during this long standing partnership. Read more.


Health and Safety

Health and safety is our priority and our focus is on ZERO harm- Everyone goes home to their families each night. Read more.


What our customers say about us

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Southern Cross Lubes has an overall satisfaction rating of 5 out of 5 based on 17 paying customer ratings.