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Authorised distributor of Mobil lubricants: NSW, VIC & TAS.

Why and how to work with us

Southern Cross Lubes (SCL) has distributed the premium range of synthetic and mineral oil- based Mobil oils and lubricants since 2007 with operations spanning across NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. By partnering with SCL, you're working with a reputable and successful Mobil lubricant distributor to ensure your requirements are met, whether you are looking for premium synthetic or high-quality mineral oil products. SCL offers flexibility and versatility when it comes to providing you with the best product for your application.

Why Mobil oil?

The Mobil oil and lubricant family is known for performance, innovation and expertise all over the world. As a leader in advanced technology, Mobil products are trusted and respected for both private and business needs. With Mobil 1, the World’s Leading Synthetic Motor Oil brand, plus 90 years of trusted performance for heavy duty equipment and over a century of innovation in lubrication technology for industrial machinery, the choice is simple when it comes to deciding which oil or lubricant is right for you. Mobil - Many drivers. One oil.

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Mobil oil workshops

  • We have a network of workshops throughout NSW, VIC & TAS which use and recommend Mobil oil. Locate your nearest Mobil oil workshop.

Lubricant SUPPLY to business

  • Need regular or bulk delivery of Mobil oil (synthetic or mineral oil)? Contact us
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Mobil lubricants retailers

  • The premium range of Mobil oils and lubricants is available from Repco, Autobarn, Burson Auto Parts and 7-Eleven. Find your nearest retailer.
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buy mobil oil & lubricants online

  • Visit our Online store to find our mineral oil products as well as the exclusive Mobil 1 Racing range.
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Automotive lubricants range

Mobil offers a range of automotive passenger vehicle engine oils for high performance and everyday driving.

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Heavy duty lubricants range

For over 90 years, the Mobil Delvac™ engine oils range has specialised in heavy duty lubricants for commercial vehicles.

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Industrial lubricants range

For more than a century, Mobil has been an innovator in lubrication technology for industrial machinery.

Which oil is the right oil
for me?

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Synthetic oil or mineral oil? Mobil 1 or Super? What's best for my fuel type and engine capacity? If you're not sure which Mobil oil is right for your vehicle or machine, you need Mobil Netlube. Mobil Netlube allows you to select the specific application- automotive, motorcycle, marine, machinery, earth moving & construction equipment, tractors & industrial vehicle; and model to determine which Mobil lubricant is right for you.

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mineral oil Download Mobil Netlube mobile application below and start searching for the right Mobil oil.

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Racing Team

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, Holden’s official factory racing team has become one of the greatest successes in Australian sport. For the past 22 years, Mobil has been a key partner of the team and one of the longest running partnerships in Australian touring car history. Find out more about the Holden Racing Team.

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Which motor oil is the right oil for you?

Ever wondered, “which motor oil does my car need”? If so then Mobil oil guide can help you.

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The Mobil 1 Oil Change Tutorial

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M.G. Kailis extends oil drain intervals to 3000 hours

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